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Racing Boy alloy rim comes with better strength than the standard rim.  The alloy rim is lightweight and can help to reduce in fuel consumption.  Besides, the rim is anti-rust and capable to prevent metal corrosion.  It also provides better heat conduction to enhance the braking performance.  In terms of styling, it is designed in a variety of captivating colours.  With these colour choices, it will surely beautify the appearance of the rim.

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Racing Boy sport rim makes the wheel grips better and easier for rider to balance the wheel.  It improves traction and cornering performance.  This sporty designed rim gives the aesthetic upgrade to the motorcycle by providing a sleek, amazing and fast feeling to the wheel.  It transforms the look and character of your motorcycle.  It also offers superior strength and durability.  It reduces the chances of rim dented when hitting holes on the road.  Due to lightweight feature, it improves the speed of the motorcycle with smoother movement and thus provides better acceleration power.

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Racing Boy rim stickers are made from high quality vinyl that lasts longer.  There are two types of adhesive paper:  fluorescent and reflective with many colours choices.  You can choose the most suitable colour to suit your bike.  With these rim stickers, you will definitely enhance the appearance of your motorcycle on the road or track.  It makes your bike look more contemporary, stylish and sporty too.  Besides, with the fluorescent and reflective shiny colours, your bike will even look more unique at night.

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Racing Boy forged rim has additional strength in comparison to the standard rim.  It displays lighter, stiffer and powerful features.  It can absorb energy effectively.  The forged rim provides better performance for motorcyclists and racers.  It reduces the wear of the tires and increases the fuel efficiency.  All models look attractive with smooth surface and without any welded joints.  This forged rim has always been the favorite choice for the riders who always desire high performance rim. 

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There are many types of Racing Boy shock absorbers:  twin shock, single shock and monoshock.  Each model comes with different sizes, weights and colours.  These Racing Boy products are made of high quality alloy; therefore, it is more powerful and durable.  It reduces the element of rupture, leakage, friction, wear and tear of your motorcycle absorbers.  The spring in each absorber model has different coil pitch in the upper and lower halves to prevent your bike from bottoming.  This spring can adapt itself quickly to different types of roads and weights conditions.  It acts by reducing the impact of the road imperfections and disturbances when riding.  Overall, the Racing Boy shock absorbers contribute to a smoother and comfortable ride.

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By installing a set of handle balancers onto your motorcycle handlebars, it will greatly reduce the vibration that affects the view on the side mirrors.  There are many models of Racing Boy balancers.  Each model comes with different weights and size.  With the right weight added to the handlebar, it will cut down the vibrations oscillations.  Thus, it helps to provide a clearer image on the side mirror.  Besides, the balancer can also protect your handlebar from damage.  At the same time, it looks great with aesthetic value.  There are a variety of designs to choose from.  All models are anodized with long lasting colours that also act as an anti-rust agent.


Racing Boy produces cruise balancer special for highway use only.  This product is used to set a speed when you are riding fast on a straight and good condition highway.  The rider dies not need to grip the handle grip all the time.  But, you should use it wisely.  In addition, it will greatly reduce vibration when you speed on the highway that regularly affects the view on the side mirrors.  The added weight of the cruise balancers at the ends of the handlebars will cut down the vibration oscillations; thus, providing a clearer image on the side mirrors.  Besides, the balancer can also protect your handlebar from damage.  At the same time, it looks great with the increase in aesthetic value of the bike.

*Note : This product is not for normal on-road riding.  We will not responsible if any unwanted condition happens.


Racing Boy offers a range of brake calipers from 2, 4, 6 up to 8 pistons.  It allows the riders to upgrade their motorcycle based on own requirement.  Racing Boy brake calipers are made of hard alloy materials using the latest forging technology.  It has the added advantage of high strength and durability.  The brake calipers are available in various shapes and sizes.  To embellish the appearance, Racing Boy calipers are designed with hard anodizing colours that come with anti-rust function too.  It also makes our bike look more sporty.  Thus, Racing Boy is always the preferred brand for their quality and better performance calipers.


To improve your bike performance, it is important to ensure that your bike chain is always tensed properly.  With the Racing Boy auto chain tensioner, you will not worry about problem of loose chain.  It will tense your bike chain automatically when needed.  It reduces the chances of chain slack, chain vibration and chain wear.  Besides, proper tension adjustment will increase the life span of the chain as well as your sprocket gear.  It also reduces the resonant frequency of chain drives and drive noise.  The Racing Boy auto chain tensioner is made from high quality alloy for additional strength and durability.


Racing Boy offers a comprehensive range of quality disc plates with improved safety, performance and comfort for all types of motorcycles.  These products are produced using two types of heavy duty materials, iron alloy and stainless steel.  Both materials provide good braking surfaces.  In each category, there are different types of disc plate’s designs available.  The disc plates are designed in the shape of an annular ring so that the rotor can function perfectly at any speed or load capacity.  Besides, the disc plates are vented to provide more surface area for cooling and heat dissipation.  All Racing Boy disc plates are anodized with durable colours to avoid rusting.  In addition, the design contributes to the aesthetic value of your motorcycle.  


Racing Boy footrests are manufactured by using CNC technology combined with CAD to give riders the most comfort and relaxation riding position.  It helps to achieve better control or grip of the bike even on an uneven road.  Racing Boy footrests are made from 6063-T6 aluminum block that is processed into one piece footrest for a unique fit to the motorcycles.  It has higher durability and strength.  The footrest structure provides a variety of footrest positions while ensuring the feet in a safe distance.  Racing Boy footrests also look stylish.  It comes in astonishing silver colour to best match with all bikes.  This colour is fully corrosion resistant and anti-rust.  It is available in full set, single set and for racing use.


By using Racing Boy fork stabilizer, you can increase the rigidity of your motorcycle forks.  It strengthens the two forks and making them sturdier and rigid.  By reducing the fork flex, you can ride smoothly and accelerate faster.  Furthermore, this product is manufactured from high quality 6061-T6 aluminum under CNC technology for high precision, strength and exacting fit.  It proved better stability and superior aerodynamics power too.  Beautiful shape and nice finishing are also the main focus on the production of Racing Boy fork stabilizer.  With this intelligent design, your bike will become more streamlined look.


Handle grips provide a firm hold on the handlebars for better control of the motorcycle.  When selecting handle grips, factors like rubber compound, grip shape, comfort, performance and style are considered.  These factors are emphasized in the Racing Boy products.  With less handlebar vibration, you will grip better on the handle grips.  Soft outer layer of the handle grips can support your hand comfortably.  For safety purposes, Racing Boy handle grips made from high quality alloy and rubber materials.  With many colour choices, you can choose a pair of handle grips that feels best in your hand and looks good on your motorcycle.


Racing Boy levers are anodized with attractive and long lasting colours.  It is not only looks awesome, but its function has been enhanced.  Racing Boy levers are made from high quality alloy material.  It is processed from billet aluminum 6061-T6 that passes through the heat test and 100% CNC machining.  You can get the lever either for the right or left side or even have it in a set of both which includes lever for brake and clutch.  When a brake lever position is set correctly, it will allow the rider to modulate brake and throttle input smoothly and accurately.  In addition, even the clutch operation will become smoother.  Besides, it is ease of maintenance.  Surely, there is a lever that suits your motorcycle style.


Lever guard is another new innovation product from Racing Boy.  It is a perfect protection against the track riders.  It protects the brake lever from being accidentally activated in case of collision with another motorcycle.  These guards are strong enough to withstand a bike-to-bike impact but it will not splinter in a crash.  Besides, it helps in reducing damage to levers and hands.  It prevents rider’s fingers from getting trapped during a slide.  The guard is strong and effective in absorbing energy due to its hybrid construction of an elastic steel core and thick polymer coating.  It also offers easy adjustability for different bars, levers and fairings.  This product is available in a range of anodized colours with an aggressive design.


The Racing Boy ignition cable is designed to improve the original ignition system performance on motorcycles.  It produces maximum sparks in the engine.  You will enjoy quick start without any loss of power.  In the meantime, the cable has an insulation jacket that consists of high dielectric strength silicone rubber insulation, fiberglass reinforcing braiding and high tear strength silicone rubber outer jacket.  It can withstand high heat up to 2200C.  This is very important to prevent burning, hardening and cracking of wires that could lead to engine damage.  Besides, it provides an excellent weather proofing seal for the connectors.  It is also resistant to gas and oil.


Cobra spark plug cap by Racing Boy is a connector cap specially designed to fit spark plug in delivering electric current in the motorcycle engine.  This product is no doubt offering higher quality and more reliable compared to the original plug cap.  It is made from super heavy duty silicone rubber material; therefore, durable and long life.  This material provides better heat resistance.  It is also waterproof to protect the spark plug and ignition wire.  It has been proven to act as a powerful platform for the racers in motor racing.  It matches well with all types of wires and spark plugs.  With clamp provided, the product, the product will definitely fit your spark plug securely.


Master cylinder pump under Racing Boy brand is an Italian product that is made of forged alloy with hard-anodized surface to increase the corrosion resistance and surface hardness.  It has undergone a revolution to improve its stopping power, strength and looks.  This master cylinder pump fits all types of motorcycle models.  Visually, it looks attractive in shape and appearance with several colours choices.  The product will surely improve your motorcycle performance and power.  With this, you will surely have a confident ride; your trip will be more exciting and fun!


Racing Boy tank holder or bracket is specifically designed for mounting the front brake fuel tank.  This is a simple and practical solution to mount the brake fluid reservoir.  It securely holds the brake fuel tank in place.  The product is bendable too.  It can be swiveled in any direction for easy installation.  It can be set up either perpendicular or parallel to the handlebar.  This CNC machined part is produced from high quality alloy for strength and durability.  Besides, it is designed in compact and lightweight structure.  This bracket is universal and fits all types of motorcycles.  It comes with multiple anodized finishes for more superior looks.  The colours are rust resistant too.


Petrol or gas tank cover is another great accessory by Racing Boy.  It works by closing gas tank filler hermetically and prevents water, dust, and other contaminating particles from getting into the tank.  This safety cap can hold the gas tank tightly.  It features an easy locking mechanism.  The tank cap provides sufficient pressure relief to prevent tank rupture and adequate vacuum relief to facilitate gas flow from the tank.  This product is made from sturdy and high quality alloy.  So, it is very durable.  Besides, it is chemical resistant and lightweight.  Each petrol tank cover comes with anodized finishes with engraved Racing Boy logo.


Racing Boy clip on handle bar with upper clamp is another market innovation product.  The upper clamp provides solid points for connecting the forks and handlebars to the motorcycles frame.  The clamp can be adjusted to hold the bar out at different angles.  It improves rider positioning by moving weight forward and offering a more comfortable seating position.  Each item is produced from CNC machining out of a solid block of high grade billet aluminum.  It also looks cool, stylish and contemporary.  The product is anodized with durable colours for great aesthetics and corrosion resistance.  It won’t scratch easily and the colours will endure longer.


Beside the specific models, Racing Boy also produces universal handlebars named “transformer”.  This product acts as a multifunction bar with an adjustable feature.  This design provides greater freedom for the riders.  The handlebar can be adjusted to the most comfortable angle.  It is made from high quality aluminum alloy for optimum strength and durability.  This product is able to manipulate stability of the motorcycle at high speed.  Besides, the handlebar parts can be removed for replacement when necessary.  It is anodized with attractive colours that are durable and act as anti-rust agent.  This transformer handlebar really looks cool.


Safety, stability and comfort are emphasized in Racing Boy rear brake system.  Due to the importance of stability to a motorcycle’s dynamic, the rear brake serves to stabilize the motorcycle body especially when braking on winding roads.  This rear brake system allows you to stop the motorcycle effectively and in safe condition.  It is also relatively maintenance-free for your convenience.  In terms of quality, Racing Boy rear brake system has higher resistance.  It is durable and long lasting.  Besides, this system works efficiently without any noise.  You will definitely feel more comfortable because you only have to press the pedal gently when braking.


Swing arm under Racing Boy brand provides the pivot point and mounting location for the rear suspension.  It holds the rear axle firmly while pivoting vertically to enable the suspension to absorb bumps on the road.  By this, it provides a smoother ride by eliminating shocks.  Racing Boy swing arms are made from solid blocks of aircraft grade aluminum to produce the high quality final products.  This material gives advantages in terms of stability and durability.  It has been tested under high heat pressure.  The swing arms are designed using computer to produce greater looks.  Each unit is finished with a glossy powder coating with the Racing Boy logo.


Racing Boy swing arm spooler provides a safer and much more convenient method to lift or raise the rear of your bike. 


The Racing Boy side mirrors are made from 100% solid aluminum.  The products are more sturdy and durable.  In addition, it comes with high strength swivels.  It will not slip easily and can be fitted perfectly on motorcycle handlebars.  In terms of design, the side mirrors look more aerodynamic.  With high quality glass, it provides distortion-free image reflection.  The side mirrors come in several finishes with anti-rust function.  Apart from this, Racing Boy also offers a range of high quality adapters to meet the specific needs.  These entire products will transform your bike into aggressive and sporty looks.


There are two sizes and several attractive colours to choose from.  The colours feature long lasting and anti-corrosion functions.  It is designed to fit most lightweight, mid-weight and cruiser bikes.  The stand can be installed easily on the motorcycle frame in 10 minutes with no modifications required.  This product also allows you to rest your bike in the finest angle.  It is really a cool and practical tool.  Overall, Racing Boy side stands are designed to increase stability, reliability, improve the resting angle and position of the motorcycle, and enhance its appearance.


This lightweight cover is used to protect the motorcycle oil filter to ensure it reaches its maximum life expectancy.  It uses 3D CAD design to increase the oil flow rates.  It is also equipped with cooling fins for effective heat dissipation.  There are two types of designs available and come with beautiful anodized finishing.  This anodized finishing will provides the cover longer life and have a strong wear resistance


Racing Boy valve covers are engineered for function and style.  It is made of high quality aluminum for excellent heat dissipation.  The covers can keep debris from entering the engine and damaging the valves since the engine is more frequently exposed to the dangers of gravel, dirt and other debris.  Besides, it helps eliminate oil leaks and quiets valve train noise.  The product also offers high thermal stability, lightweight and excellent tensile strength.  It is impervious to water and other chemicals.  Top part of the valve cover comes with breather holes for ventilations system.  The outer shell is anodized with attractive colours for beauty and anti-rust function.  It is designed for easy and fast mounting at the original attachment points.


In lever category, Racing Boy offers durable direct replacement rear brake levers to enthusiasts.  By setting the brake lever correctly, it allows the rider to modulate brake and throttle input smoothly and accurately.  Racing Boy brake levers are machined from high quality billet 6061 aluminum that passes through the heat test and 100% CNC machining.  It offers high strength and durability.  The levers are anodized with long lasting colours.  It is also designed for easy mounting and allows adjustment for your maximum comfort.  This Racing Boy product will definitely make your bike look more stands out on the road as well as function effectively and safely.


Racing Boy air valve stem is tailored to meet the motorcyclists’ specific needs.  It is a self-contained valve which allows air goes into the tire and then automatically closed to prevent air from escaping.  It can prevent air leaking in the tire that may cause it to run hot or go flat.  This product is guaranteed for its quality.  There are two types of Racing Boy air valve stem, model MCVC and TN.  Both models are anodized with long lasting colours.  This glorious colour will surely make your tires look more special.  The product is universal and suitable for all types of sport rim and alloy rim.


Racing Boy magnetic drain plug is designed with a strong built in magnet, to attract and hold metal particles from causing excess wear in a motorcycle engine.  It allows the oil to flow easily and quickly.  This will increase the lifespan and health of your motorcycle engine.  The magnets are made from the strongest grade of magnets.  It is durable and can withstand high temperatures.  In addition, each magnetic drain plug comes with an oil seal and washer to prevent leaks.


Chain adjuster enables quick and precise wheel alignment and chain adjustment.  Normally, the stock chain adjusters provide limited adjustment range and are often hard to read.  Racing Boy adjuster offers a wide range of adjustment and comes with clear markings for precise and easy adjustment.  It holds the wheel precisely in place while tightening the chain and stay in position.  This direct replacement product is for fitment with standard swing arm.  The product is designed with a lifter for ease of lifting the bike via a rear stand.  It also gives a sleek race design with the attractive finishes.  This innovative chain adjuster is perfect for both track and street uses.


Toe guards, or known as ‘shark fins’, are a compulsory item for professional racers on track or race days.  Racing Boy brings you brand new toe guard to help deflect your foot out of harm’s way.  In many crashes, rider’s leg has the tendency to dangle near the rear sprocket.  This toe guard can prevent your foot from being pulled by the motorcycle chain into the rear sprocket.  It is mounted onto the underside of swing arm near to the rear sprocket.  Each toe guard is CNC-machined from billet aluminum for durability and then anodized for perfection.  For racing enthusiasts, this toe guard is your insurance against a potential of serious injury.


Racing Boy would like to introduce the latest product of washer dress up kits for motor enthusiasts.  This is a high precision CNC kit that should not be missed.  The kit consists of stainless steel construction screws and high grade aluminum washers.  The washers are hard anodized with fabulous and brilliant finishes which act as an anti-rust agent too.  These cool colours will also dress up the engine area to make your bike look more unique.  Besides, the dress up kit is light in weight.  It is easy to install the kit onto your bike.  Just takes minutes to fix it.  So, quickly attach your bike in style with one of these Racing Boy washer kits.


Racing Boy developed fairing guard product for the specific needs of Wave Dash.  It ensures the best fitment and highest level of protection to the plastic fairing and motorcycle frame structure in case the bike falls over or slide.  For effective protection, it must be mounted firmly to a structural point on the bike so that impact forces can be adequately distributed or absorbed.  This unique design offers 2-point mounting on both sides of the bike.  The frame sliders are connected directly to the engine and frame to make stronger.  Besides, this mounting kit is made of anodized billet aluminum with stainless steel corrosion resistant bolts.  These composite materials can maximize the absorption of kinetic energy and minimize friction.


Racing Boy steering damper is designed to dissipate vibration of a bike steering mechanism.  The dampers are precision crafted to exacting tolerances for incredible control and consistent performance under the most demanding street and race conditions.  By using this product, the vibrations are eliminated and excessive steering wheel handling is no longer needed, resulting in more stable handling.  This damper kit increases stability without affecting steering and handling response.  In order to keep the damper light in weight and strong, the damper is made from aerospace grade aluminum under modern CNC machining.  The damper body is anodized with attractive colour for corrosion resistance and great looks.


Racing Boy chain cover is precision-engineered from high quality alloy.  This material ensures its durability and resistance to long time wear out.  The product comes with an attractive and sporty design.  On top of its impressive look, this chain cover also provides you with safety features.  It helps to protect you or your pillion passenger from the sprocket and the upper run of the chain.  Besides, it is lightweight too.  This chain cover is a direct replacement for the OE unit.  It can be bolted on in minutes.

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